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Interview With QO From MVP.Phoenix: I Just Go My Own Way

by Emememem   on Mar-21-16 14:43

Resource: Esports Focus

Q: Please introduce yourself to our Chinese fans.

A: Hello, I'm QO, the midlane and the captain for MVP Pheonix.

Q: How's your feeling about your team's general performance on Shanghai Major?

A: First I actually kinda surprised that we are top 4. But since we are top 4, we are more greedy and want to be the first.

Q: Since Dota 2 is not so popular in Korea, but you said you want to be the first, why are you so confident?

A: Maybe because we always play Chinese ranking, our Chinese ranking are very high. There are 3 of our teammates among Top 10, that's why we have such a confidence.

Interview With QO From MVP.Phoenix: I Just Go My Own Way

Q: You defeated MDL's winner Ehome and Secret in Group Stage, do you think it is because your performance is better or because they make more mistakes than you?

A: I think like Ehome and Secret, we have a better performance; but as for Liquid and EG, it's our mistake to lead us to lose.

Q: Can you tell us the reason why you choose Juggernaut as a support?

A: It's a strategy we used to counter Lone Druid, we practised for 2 times, then we think it will works, so we just pick it.

Q: Which team was your partner when practising?


Q: The patch used in Shanghai Major is a fast meta, how can you adapt yourselves to fit for it so smoothly?

A: First we are all used to fast phase, and we've practised for many times, even like 9 minutes, 4,5,6 minutes, we want to play that everyone not to play in the early game, so it makes us that we can make a good early game start.

Q:You are only defeated by Liquid and EG on Shanghai Major, what's the difference and weakness when comparing with western strong teams?

A: I think that's all about our conditions. When against Liquids, all my teammates have slept just 3-4 hours; so when we defeated Fnatic, we became sleepy. So I think that's the reason why we lose the game, because we couldn't make a correct decision.

Q: Since Korean Server has shut down, you have to practise in Chinese server, is there a high ping for you? 

A: The ping is very bad between 4 pm-12 pm, so we don't really play Chinese server in that time. If we Korean players want to play in Chinese server, we will be there at 1 am-6 am. We can only play at midnight. We really hope Valve could make more available servers for us.

Q:Do you have much practise with Chinese teams?

A: We practise with Chinese second tier team at 3-5 pm, it's still playable then.

Q: Is that the reason you know Chinese teams and finally defeated Chinese teams?

A: I don't think so. When we came here ,we first scrim with Alliance, then we found the part we need to fix. I think that's the reason we changed so many things.

Q: How do you think about Chinese teams' performance on Shanghai Major?

A: They all droped out early, but I think the main reason is Chinese new year, because we could found some Chinese teams for scrim at that time. And after new year, no one go practise with us.

Q: It's grand final day, why don't you go to Benz Arena?

A: If I go to there, I will think: I should be there. That's the reason why I don't go to the arena.

Q: Why you use "Faker" as your ID when you play in Chinese server?

A: Just for fun. There is a chinese rank guys, whose name is LGD.MaRin, I think it's funny, so I change my name into Faker.

Q: Will consider Faker in LoL as an example for you in DOTA2?

A:Nope, I just go my own way. 

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