• 178.com

    178.COM, as a game information web portal, not only has the high professional game community NGA and comprehensive auxiliary means Bigfoots, but also provides news, original videos, game related peripherals, database as well as webgames for users.Confronted with the changeable market and endless challenges, we insist on the concept and principle of ‘Customer First And Player Comes Foremost’. We take the advantage of our people-oriented management philosophy and professional techniques, offering more comprehensive, more creative, more powerful and better services for our users, to build a splendid and all-sided web portal.

  • A9VG.com

    A9VG is a leading game community specialized in video games. Its major advantages lie in polished content and well-organized activities, which include news of video games around the world, walkthroughs and instructions of latest games, as well as the publicity and promotion of game events.

    Based on the accumulated population from our users these years, A9VG wins praises by its high-quality discussing atmosphere created by players. Here has the most core video game players, writing original news and walkthroughs free for comments, discussions and sharing.


    Established in 2002, NGA is one of the most popular WOW community since that year. And in 2012, NGA introduced other products from Blizzard and other hot games, forming a highly comprehensive forum for users.

    NGA now has over 20 million registered users and over 50 thousands online users everyday. It is viewed independently 400 thousands times, and has over 5 million PV per day.

  • TGBUS.com

    Established in 2004, popular Chinese video game portal, TGBUS integrated the famous king of handheld games-gbgba and 17game8 successively, and meanwhile, gathered the most experienced TV games editors in China. It focuses on video and handheld games these 10 years, exploring and tracing the trends within the industry in the angle of players. Standing by the side of players makes it solve problems in a better way. It has abundant information, popular community and powerful offline chain systems. More than 60 cities are covered by over 200 physical stores of TGBUS. Being among top Chinese game media, it has large amount of loyal supporters.

  • PTBUS.com

    PTBUS is considered as an authoritative game media, mainly aiming at improve the service of consultation on smart phones. Players can download and communicate on mobile game products through this website. It is set up in 2011, and supported by China’s largest search engine-Baidu. The core team is made up by the earliest explorers in game media and is full of operating experience. After years of development, PTBUS has game zone, forum, news, evaluation, giftbag, online activities and series of mobile game media business. It serves Chinese game players and leads the way.

  • 766.com

    766.COM is established in 2005 and always takes players’ happiness as its first priority and now is among the top interactive game website, owning a lot of young players. The website works on providing more interactive game news, promotions, downloads and communications, helping players with better media experience and providing rich online and offline activities. Besides, ‘766 Magic Box’ tools, ‘766 Game Site’ can adjust to light glance, mobile app ‘Get A Number’ and other featured products, which will make its content presented in a better way.

  • CNGBA.com

    CNGBA.COM aims at providing an influential and appealing platform for the communications among players. Specialized in meeting the needs for video games, entertainment, interactions, expressions and personalization, CNGBA.COM takes the advantage of its application on new Internet technology and becomes the core representative of interactive marketing in game field. It is established in 2002, and has a long history of 12 years. The website pays its attention on TVgame, and has 19 channels related to handheld games which keep updating everyday in time. The community provides resources of games, and has its own Chinesization team.

  • DOSPY.com

    Dospy smart phone forum a large smart phone users’ community, having over 40 million registered users and 6 million active users. Around 200 million articles have been issued here.

  • XYOUS.com

    XYOUS is a mobile game platform organized and operated by Perfect World and its related companies. XYOUS works on providing high-quality articles, supporting developers with valuable development for mobile game and bringing better experience and services.