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2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

by Camellia   on Aug-01-16 17:15

It is unclear that since when the essence of game became too vague for gamers to feel the fun and affection in it, and game became another thing which is no longer the one which brings so much happiness to gamers it was before. Then, there comes a group of people who still pursue the pure fun, their goal and dream, and hope to bring others the pleasure of interacting. They choose to realize their goals via game with their great passion. In history, there are many names given to them, like explore, evangelist and pioneer, and now they have a new name: indie gamer.

As the largest indie game event in China, indiePlay aims to provide indie game practitioners with the most generous support. The largest part of indiePlay 2016, the awarding ceremony, is held during July 30th to 31st at Houtan Space, No. 139 Houtan Road, Pudong, Shanghai. Indie game developers from various regions in China gather here to discuss, display, experience and share. A total of 48 games including all nominated works and other specially displayed games provide audience with chance to experience. You’ll perceive when you step into the place that this place is born for game.

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

IndiePlay commenced in the noon of July 30th, and includes 1.5 days meeting and 2 days exhibition, awarding ceremony in July 30th evening and a game music party afterwards. Top game developers from all over the world gather here, such as Rami, developer of Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne, founder of Vlambeer, and more importantly who worked hard on promote communication among indie game developers worldwide. Rami shared his opinions on opportunities &challenges that 2016 indie game face from the perspectives of designing, publishing and marketing; while marketing director of 11 bit Studio, Partyk, illustrated game from emotional layer. Both of them expressed how excited they were when they saw the compassion in Chinese indie game developers and the development of Chinese indie game community. They hoped that there will be more events in the future and they’d like to deliver what they saw here to other indie game developers and communities abroad. Other speakers from Taiwan and Mainland China shared enlightening content, just like what Rami said in the end of his speech—sharing and communicating are very important.

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

The most exciting moment of indiePlay 2016 is at awarding ceremony when award winners were announced. The host this year is famous game anchor Alessacheung. Audience gave their loud claps and cheers when winners were announced. At that moment, it’s the excitement on game, not competition that matters.


2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

Award winners are listed as follow:

Best Art Direction:

Luna-The Shadow Dust --Lantern Studio


Best Design:

Code: Hardcore-- Rocket Punch


Best Innovation:

Signal Decay--Nela System


Best VR Game:

Saving Gardila--Initory

Best Student Game:

First: Brain Machine--Memo Game Studio

Second: Dandelion Says—Atwood

Third: Zi Fei--Xuelihong


Best Music/Soundtrack:

Lethe --Lethes


Microsoft Choice Award:

Back to Zero—Dragon Whisper Games


Fire Free--Boooom


Best Game Jam Award:

First: Line Up And March -- The Great Pixel

Second: Marching Ants—Jinzhichadui

Third: Heart Link—Teamπ


Best Mobile Game:

OPUS—Team Signal


Google Play Choice Award:

Egg X Egg—Thunder Cat Games


Best Game Award:

Candle Man--Spotlightor

Congratulations to all award winners as well as all nominees. We hope to enrich indiePlay with various types of content and thus provide audience with better cultural experience. Since music is an indispensable part of game, prestigious musician Akira Yamaoka, composer of Silent Hill franchise, was invited and performed classic songs Theme of Laura and Promise at indiePlay 2016. Besides, founder of GMRemix Jiangchengzi and Lanx also showed up, pushing the Music Party to climax.

  2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

A trailer of Chinese indie game movie was displayed before the awarding ceremony came to an end. The trailer tells the understandings of indie game and the life of indie game developers, and includes a tear-awakening part when indie game developers volunteers to make a VR game for a dying girl whose dream is to sing a song together with her idol on stage. We hope that after watching this trailer, indie game developers will make more records. Like a sentence in the trailer, “your future self will thank the self you are today.”

2016 indiePlay Rocks Shanghai!

When the two-day event ended, scenes of building up and removing the stages flashed back with many smiling faces showing persistence and passion on indie game, which will never vanish. Hope that more people will join us and bring more fantastic content to the future of indiePlay’s host CiGA.

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Also thank our sponsors: Google Play who provide generous support to indie game developers worldwide, Mi who provided Mi TVs, Cheetah Mobile who sponsored indieWOW Music Party, Ragnarok Online Operator XD.com and TapTap who recommend high quality mobile games.

Thank all who helped to make indiePlay 2016 successfully ended. Indie game will be better because of you!

Contact information: 3219361265@qq.com

Homepage: www.indieplay.cn

2016 indiePlay “Hello, indie”.

Further reports of 2016 indiePlay, please check back soon with StarGame.