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Silent Hills Composer Akira Yamaoka Will Light Up 2016indiePlay

by Camellia   on Jul-13-16 16:15

The largest indie game event in China, 2016 indiePlay, will soon be held from July 30th to 31st at Houtan Kongjian, No.139 Pudong Houtan Road in Shanghai. Besides the awarding ceremony and display of all competitions in 2016 indiePlay, a special exhibition at indie game hall is also arranged. Meanwhile, a communication section of top indie game developers from Europe, Taiwan and Mainland China is organized at daytime, which will deliver fantastic experience on indie game development, publishing and marketing. The awarding ceremony starts on July 30th evening when all award winners will be unveiled. A passionate music party is prepared after that.

Silent Hills Composer Akira Yamaoka Will Light Up 2016indiePlay

Last year, we have been honored to successfully invite three Castlevania develolpers, who has brought amazing content to audience and presented Chinese indie game developers with their best wishes. Similarly, there will be another surprise this year—prestigious musician Akira Yamaoka, known for his works in Silent Hills, is confirmed to come this year. Mr. Yamaoka also said he’s excited to perform for 2016 indiePlay.

Silent Hills Composer Akira Yamaoka Will Light Up 2016indiePlay

Silent Hills Composer Akira Yamaoka Will Light Up 2016indiePlay

Akira Yamaoka attended Tokyo Art College, where he studied product design and interior design. After five years’ freelance writer career, he joined Konami and became a member of Kukeiha Club in its later period. Silent Hills is Yamaoka’s most famous series. Yamaoka has been music director since Silent Hills 1, and game producer since Silent Hills 3. He also composed for games like beatmaniaIIDX, Pro Evolution Soccer and Contra. He’s also the executive producer of Silent Hills movie, and advanced in composing for areas beyond game. As a composer, Yamaoka is known for his complicated thoughts over music and human nature in his musics. In 2006 January, Yamaoka released his first non-OST original album iFUTURELIST.

The best game music remixing website GMRemix (Game Music Remix) in China is also invited for the awarding ceremony and follow-up music party. GMRemix founder Jiangchengzi and famous electronic music composer Lanx will perform you with many pieces of classic game music. Music is an indispensable part of game, and one of the most significant derivative areas of game. In our memory, many classic game songs linger and take us back to the precious time. So in the evening of July 30th, let’s taste and enjoy the affection and passion that game brings us!

Click here to register: indieplay2016.eventdove.com

Silent Hills Composer Akira Yamaoka Will Light Up 2016indiePlay

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2016 indiePlay “Hello, indie”.

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