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Results of 2016 indieACE Game Jam Will Come out in End of July

by Camellia   on Jul-07-16 17:57

Throughout two-month collection, Indie Game Competition, core of 2016 indiePlay, received over 200 enthusiastic indie games covering PC, console, mobile and VR platforms. In the follow-up judgement session, CiGA organizes panels in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to launch review via video and game play experience with discussion among panel members. The review process is quite suffering, for panels find many amazing works and making decisions becomes a somber task. Conflict could be triggered at any moment. Fortunately, panels in all three sites made their final decisions, so the results of the competition are decided. Despite high praises from judges, what’s more exciting for judges is to discover so many high quality works. As game lovers themselves, they hope that China will produce more high quality games to be welcomed among gamers worldwide in the future.

Results of 2016 indieACE Game Jam Will Come out in End of July

Results of 2016 indieACE Game Jam Will Come out in End of July

Results of 2016 indieACE Game Jam Will Come out in End of July

Meanwhile, during June 24th to 26th, indieACE Game Jam took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xiamen simultaneously. Nearly a thousand participants came, and are required to work on various games following given themes within 48 hours. They produced more than 100 games. While judges are reviewing works for Indie Game Competition, Game Jam panel is also reviewing works from Game Jam participants. Eight nominees are finally came into the final round.

Indie Game Competition has professional group and student group. Nominees of all prizes including Game Jam section are listed as follow:

Professional Group

Best Art Direction:

Pingpong and Inverted Triangle

Attack Hero

Luna-The Shadow Dust

Anonymous Me


Best Soundtrack:

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth



The Shape of Heart


Best Design:

The Ark

Code: Hardcore

Candle Man



Best Innovation:

Signal Decay

The 2 Buttons

Transform Tank



Best Mobile/Handheld Game:

Egg X Egg

Into Mirror

OPUS: The Day We Found Earth

Brick Rage


Best VR Game:

Liaozhai Huanjing

Sisyphus’s Toy House

Saving Gardila

The Tunnel VR


Best Game:


Lost Castle

Code: Hardcore

Candle Man


Student Group

Best Game:

Red Ogre



Dandelion Says

OutBreak Legacy


Brain Machine

Zi Fei


Best Game Jam Game:

The Wall

Crazy Toilet

Marching Ants

Heart Link


Line Up And March


The Death Follow


Congratulations to all nominated works, which will be displayed at 2016 indiePlay China Indie Game Ceremony on July 30th and 31st. Award ceremony is in the evening of July 30th. Communication section is organized at daytime during the Ceremony, when prestigious indie game developers from all over the world will come with their own stories. Following the award ceremony at June 30th evening is a music party. Maybe you’ll meet some mysterious guests this time. Besides, this is the largest indie game gathering of indie game circle in China, where you can find many game lovers. Indie game represents an unremitting spirit to innovate and explore. So come and join us in this indie game era for China!

Visit the link below to register:


Results of 2016 indieACE Game Jam Will Come out in End of July

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2016 indiePlay “Hello, indie”.

Further reports of 2016 indiePlay, please check back soon with StarGame.