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TI6 China Qualifiers Open Today! The Hardest Open Qualifiers Ever!

by Emememem   on Jun-21-16 14:40

After the six direct invites of TI6 announced, the open qualifiers are ready to go. By 19th June, 23:59, in total 565 teams have signed up for China open qualifiers. They will participate in the four-day competition from 21st to 24th, and the two winning teams will compete with the other 8 regional qualification invitees in the regional qualifiers on 25th. One thing worth mentioning is that famous teams like VG, Newbee.Y and CDEC.A show up in the list of open qualifiers as well.

TI6 China Qualifiers Open Today! The Hardest Open Qualifiers Ever!

For the schedule, please click:



l  Each team can have 7 players registered at most. Any five of them can play in the first match, but the following ones have to be completed by the five players in the first match.

l  The deadline of China open qualifiers is 23:59, 19th June. Players only need to sign up for once for the two rounds open qualifiers.

l  Time:

Round A: 21st to 22nd, Jun

Round B: 23rd to 24th, Jun

l  PRC citizens over 16 years old before 19th June are allowed to sign up.

l  All the players have to build up their teams and sign up on Perfect World Esports Platform first. If you’re not listed on the platform, the registeration will be considered as INVALID.

l  All your information submitted have to be accurate and correct. Every player has to be responsible for the cancel out of fake or incorrect information.

l  Your profiles submitted cannot be edited and will be checked in 1 or 2 working days.

l  Registers must check your results and schedule at least 1 day before the open qualifiers. Also, you have to join the official players group to confirm your attendences. The group will be closed 24 hours before the match and the group number is 434947975.

l  During the online competition, players having been approved and joined the group must check in according to the schedule in the group. All the matches will start on time. If you’re late for over 15 minutes, you should inform your judges as soon as possible.

l  Before the matches, every player must get prepared and listen to the judges when playing.

l  Judges won’t explain the rules during the matches. If you have any problems, please appeal to the committee after your matches. But all the players have to complete their matches before receiving any feedbacks on the appeals.

l  The server applied in Perfect World (Telecom). Players and teams have to confirm their network condition to decide whether to participate the open qualifiers. All the players have to be responsible for the problems caused by network problems.

l  Committee can ask for more detailed “players profiles” if needed, and all the teams and players should provide the profiles as required.

l  Committee can decide whether a team has the right to play or not based on the past events or other events and can cancel their qualifications.