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2016 Competition Plan for Battle of Balls

by Camellia   on Jun-16-16 10:56

Are you satisfied with the Online Open Competition in last Saturday? 

Don’t miss the competition in next Saturday! 

Of course, some players may still not be satisfied 

Competitions in one month are not enough 

Spoilers Incoming 

“Trendy Fun·Play Young”Annual Competition Plan! ! 

In 2016, over 400 online/offline competitions 

Waiting for you joining 

Haha, don’t be anxious 

Listen to the following contents carefully 

See the pic first

2016 Competition Plan for Battle of Balls

In 2016, we will launch three competition systems “BOB Online Open Competition”,“Tatan Cup Elite Challenge”,“BOB Elite Professional League”. Besides, by the end of year, there will be the annual anniversary of BOB. Can’t wait too long! 

BOB Online Open Competition has been started on Livestreams Douyu and Chushou in last Saturday. There will be competitions on every Saturday of June. As to details, you can check the Wechat news we released in last Saturday! 

While “Tatan Cup Elite Challenge”will be held at the booth of Giant in Chinajoy, the end of July. If you visit CJ, please come to our booth on time! Exciting matches and abundant bonus are waiting for you! 

Hmm, other big data 

In 2016, we plan to provide no less than 458 online/offline competitions and at least 6870 mins live time. 600,000 clans will compete there and can win millions of supporting funds. 

In this “Trendy Fun · Play Young” Plan, besides the establishment of official competitions, we will also cultivate players to become professional players/anchor/UGC Writer/Game Commentary etc. Any of you may become game celebrity. 

Anticipated professional player, hot anchor, mind-boggling video editor, or eloquent match commentary, which one do you prefer? In our plan, all these dreams may come true!

Another News

Brand New Clan Score System

2016 Competition Plan for Battle of Balls

After the launch of BOB annual competition, “Clan Score System” will also be available. Players with career development intention can register and verify clan through the system to realize standardized clan management. Verified clan will obtain official support and funds through monthly clan system ranking, official brand competition, and third-party events to accumulate clan score.

Players will gain Ranking Score via upgrading from clan match to Online Open Competition. Finally clans with top year-end clan score will compete with degraded Professional League clans for places of next season’s Professional League. Then the clans will obtain Professional League qualification and participate into the top Professional League!

The process of clan selection and promotion is open, transparent and rely on ability. Don’t hesitate. Come to join us with your bros!

The establishment, improvement and accomplishment of BOB Events cannot leave the support from billions of players worldwide.

Let us work together and look forward to it!