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Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

by Camellia   on May-02-16 20:06

In the beginning of 2015 Monument Valley won a number of awards, since then the concept of indie game has been accepted more by gamers. Now on the recommended part of major platforms including App Store, you can find a growing number of indie games from China. Many columns, sections and supporting plans on indie games were set up. In 2016, this tendency doesn’t seem to calm down. China Indie Game Association (CIGA) was established, aiming to organize a series of events such as indiePlay to provide indie game developers in China with a better platform to seek support and communicate.

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

The upcoming Digital Change China (DCC) will start on April 29 and end on April 30 in Xiamen. Under partnership with CIGA’s Game Partners organization, an indie game stage is specially planned following the theme “Big Time for Indie Game”. It will invite six well-known names in indie game area to deliver speeches for the 400 audience and lead them to know how was indie game become the new power born in capital winter and how can it restore the origin of game.

The guests are:

Liu Huibin (iconboy): Find Our Own Way of Indie Game

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Liu Huibin (iconboy) is famous as one in the users experience industry in China, a member of the former Jindian Shikong Game Studio. Early in 2000, he led the development of Shengjian Yingxiong II’s sequel editions, a game widely accepted as a representative of the earliest indie games in China. He also worked in Web, Flash, pixel and UI/UX, and founded icon in 2009. Icon provided services for many internet game companies, led or participated in the visual design of nearly 100 games like QQ Farm, I’m MT, Zhanhun, Yingxiong Sanguo, Luandou Xiyou, Menghuan Xiyou. In 2015, its game Fortress Pioneer was nominated in a plenty of awards, and cooperated with Wanga in the forming of “Game Partner” following the pursuit of “gathering funny game workers”. At DCC, Liu Huibin will demonstrate on how to find a way of indie game for yourselves based on his own experiences.

Bao Weiwei (Wesley): What kind of indie games succeed easier

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Bao Weiwei (Wesley) used to work in Konami, he established Coconut Island in 2009. Its games like One Tap Hero and Naughty Kitties were recommended by App Store for several times, making Coconut Island an indie game team which got famous earliest and kept on succeeding in China. He’s also the co-founder of indie game community IndieACE, the promoter of the earliest GameJam in China with continuous impact. Wesley is well-known for his generosity in experience sharing, and he’s called as BaoSir in indie game industry. Coconut Island’s Haywire Hospital, a broadened imaginative game came out in 2016 January became enormous popular among gamers with high praising rate. In fact Coconut Island cut off a greatly expected project in 2015. At DCC, Wesley will disclose this story for the first time and demonstrate on what type of indie game has higher possibility to succeed.

Chen Yuanpeng (Yop): Must-Solve Details in Game

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Chen Yuanpeng (Yop), co-founder, COO and producer of Veewo Games, is known for his work 1024 and Dark Slash. In 2016 February, its new game Super Phantom Cat won App Store recommendation in 166 countries and the first image recommendation place on App Store China and App Store America. Unlike the other indie game teams, Veewo Games focuses on the foreign market and quite has some achievements. To grasp a place in foreign market, the high quality of game is necessary. Yop will tell about the must-solve details in game with the example of Super Phantom Cat.

Lu Jiaxian: Six Styles of Game Design

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Lu Jiaxian is the founder and head of U77, who led the localization projects of many high quality casual games. He established MU77 in 2014. Its game Maoxian&Wakuang was not welcomed by publishers in the beginning, but turned into a phenomenon level mobile game in 2015, making Lu became a famous producer from a grassroot website owner. Even this business success in the eyes of most people, Mr. Lu, who has extremely strong sense of crisis, has never stopped his thinking about game. This time, he’ll share his six new thoughts on game design. Believe it will inspire you a lot.

Li Zhenji: A business Me Don’t Understand the “Darkness of Indie”  

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Li Zhenji, bettern known as “Dalan”, was editorial advisory board member of UCG and The King of Pocketgame, and is one of the first group of illustrator becoming famous in game industry. During his term as chief art director in NetEase, Mr, Li finished Menghuan Xiyou and Zhanhun, the games he honored most. Now as vice director of EJOY Game and senior art advisor of many game companies, Mr. Li became producer of indie team CapHong Studio. What are the reasons to make him do so after working for a plenty of commercial games? How does he lead Attack Hear to win IGF China 2015 Best Art Award? Why he has the exclamation of ‘a business me don’t understand the “darkness of indie”’? Find the answers at indiePlay 2016.

Wang Nan: Content and Creativeness in Big Time of Indie Game

Big Time for Indie Game—How to Restore the Origin of Game

Wang Nan, known as “Nan Tasi” on Internet, is one of the most prestigious game geek in China. He worked for Ubisoft Shanghai, quest designer in Yager, and producer of Mechanist Games. With years of experience in console game, mobile game and web game developing, Mr. Wang knows clearly of every single section and procedure in game developing. Having the faith towards indie game, he coded and translated tons of materials in game development. Cocos Creator, finished under his guidance, became the latest generation game development tools that CHUKONG Technology promotes in 2016. In the big time of indie game, how to stand out in the flourishing indie games? How to realize creativeness in the high pace regeneration? Wang Nan will tell you the answers.

Please note that DCC Indie Game Stage will be held during 14:00 to 17:00 on April 29th. Click the below link to register:


Meanwhile, during the indiPlay on April 29th and 30th, 16 new indie games will be displayed, most of which have not been published and will release the trial editions at indiePlay 2016. Don’t forget to come if you’re interested.


In partnership with co-organizer International Game Development Association (IGDA), 2016 indiePlay will seek further development and cooperation in international market. The top partner of 2016 indiePlay, Youku Tudou, based on “Youku Tudou platform+tons of high quality IPs”, strive to build a brand new “IP game eco-industrial chain” by developing and publishing film&TV IP, publishing high quality original game programs, publicizing large scale exhibitions worldwide, online&offline promotion, esports operation, production of game/variety show/film&TV, and other services. Why not join Youku Tudou Game in 2016 to “make it a greater phenomenon”. 2016 indiePlay also won support from indieACE, Game Parner, MoDian.com, Marsera, VRPlay and many other co-organizers. We also want to express our sincere gratitude to media friends who offer generous help for us. What we want to do is making it fun and meaningful. Further information will be announced later. 


Official website: www.indieplay.cn

2016 indiePlay “Hello, indie”.

For further reports on 2016 indiePlay, please check back soon with StarGame.