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MarineKing Announces To Retire

by Emememem   on May-16-16 16:42

The head coach of MVP Choya said to journalists that MarineKing wanted to retire after his matches at SSL yesterday. Thanks for his insistence and sorry about all the sufferings in his career. Wish him the best of luck!

MarineKing Announces To Retire

MarineKing’s trip in GSL and SSL didn’t go smoothly. In the qualifiers of GSL 2016 S2, MarineKing eliminated Alicia first, but was beaten down to loser’s bracket by Bomber, then was eliminated by NoRegreT without winning any points. However, in SSL, he failed to pass group stage after losing to Stork in the first round.

Coach Choya said MarineKing didn’t make any decisions about his roads in the future. “He will take a break for a while, then think about what he wanna do in the future.”

Hope MarineKing’s life is as beautiful as his splendid skills.