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Interview With LGD At The Press Conference

by Emememem   on May-23-16 11:11

On 21st May, LGD’s press conference for this summer kicked off as scheduled. Besides the establishment of LGD Girls, it announced its plans for pan-entertainment like fashion industry—they worked with street fashion brand and released the new jersey for the summer. At the conference, LGD LOL division took an interview, let’s see what did they say about players’ health conditions and the team’s state.

Interview With LGD At The Press Conference

Q: How long will We1less’s injury last?

A: One or two months. I don’t know the exact time but I think I will be fine after one to two months.

Q: We heard that imp got hand injury as well. Will it affect your performances at the Summer?

A: It hurts when I use mouse too often, so it affects sometimes.

Q: Punished, do you get along well with LGD members?

A: So far so good, but I need more time.

Q: What’s your goal for the Summer?

A: I hope I can stay in LPL.

Interview With LGD At The Press Conference

Q: PYL, what are the chances of you winning the Summer and advancing to S6?

A: I don’t participate the training these days, but Marin is very confident.

Q: Eimy does you work well with your new solo player?

A: Punished and I are both from UP, so it’s not a problem.

Q: Marin, PYL said just now that you wanted to win. How do you think of it?

A: I keep trying to reach my goal and there will be chances if you try.

Q: Do you think you will defeat RMG?

A: RNG looks a little invincible right now. But we’ll try our best.

Interview With LGD At The Press Conference

Q: Does the club pay attentions to your health conditions? It looks like many of you have health issues more or less.

A: Our manager always pays attentions to our health. But it’s more about players’ personal physical quality.

Q: We1less, what are the three heroes you prefer to play recently?

A: Azir, Viktor and… other heroes feel like the same. Diana, Diana is better.


Here is also an individual interview with PYL:

Q: It is said you won’t play for some time due to surgery things. How long will it take?

A: I don’t know the exact time of returning. That depends.

Interview With LGD At The Press Conference

Q: Did you tell your new support how to cooperate with imp?

A: I talked with him mainly about heroes. Heart is more experienced than me so he talked more.

Q: LGD didn’t make many changes during the shuffle. Why?

A: We think our current roster is good enough. The cooperation is more important.

Q: How do you feel about the combo of Uzi and Mata?

A: They’re definitely the best couple.

Q: Do you think you and imp will beat them?

A: They’re very good at team fights, but we’re stronger on lanes.