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Panzar’s Story—The Curse Of Kromholm Mines

by Emememem   on May-16-16 11:11

The Russian hard core competitive game Panzar is famous for its 8v8 PVP gameplay. There are rich modes and PVP locations which designed by experts. Every location focuses on details and interactive elements, aiming at present a wonderful world for players.

There is a rugby location called Kromholm Mines which is suitable for Level 1 to 30 players without any limitations. Dwarves build up huge machines for mining in the mines surrounded by clouds and the battle for resources begins.

Panzar’s Story—The Curse Of Kromholm Mines

One of the indigenous inhabitants of the mines was an engineer named Hardolf Threebolt. He was a typical engineer, nothing special, except for the fact that in his youth he was once hit in the head with one of the blades of a watermill. After this unfortunate accident he began to act strangely: he would either swing his mallet at nothing, or recite poems from the Red Balcony, or refuse mugs of dark dwarven beer... in other words, he was a little queer, but harmless. Folks like Threebolt are common among the dwarves — watermills don’t forgive mistakes.

In all fairness, Hardolf still had a good head on his shoulders. He invented various useful devices, like the synchropaddletron or the steam-powered, remote-controlled lute. That’s why he was entrusted with an important task: inventing a new gadget that could comb the miners’ beards, polish their stilts, and cook their soup. The machine was supposed to bring some comfort into the harsh lives of these subterranean artisans. Threebolt hit the ground running. He locked himself up in his forge for two months and managed to finish the job by the opening of the next mine shaft.

Panzar’s Story—The Curse Of Kromholm Mines

Rather an awkward situation occurred during the presentation of the mysterious gadget: it turned out that the machine actually performed a completely different function than originally intended — it drained magical energy out of crystals. Instead of delivering his opening speech, Threebolt roared with laughter, tossed a Sapper’s Fleeting Fancy explosives kit into the audience, and, taking advantage of the general confusion, disappeared without a trace. Some people believe he’s still wandering somewhere in the mine’s tunnels. They say that, if you listen carefully, you can even discern the echo of his insane laughter.

The mad craftsman’s invention hasn’t gone anywhere. The machine, which is still capable of draining magical power out of crystals, is now sought after by all manner of rogues, mercenaries, and bounty hunters. The work in the mines has stopped, and its peaceful life is over. Now an interminable battle for the cursed mechanism rages day and night. It’s true what they say: technological advancement brings nothing but destruction and chaos!

Panzar’s Story—The Curse Of Kromholm Mines

In this location, players have to keep those machines working. The resources got by them will be counted as your scores! Once your team reaches at a certain score, you will win the game. However, you have to try very hard to protect your machines away of your enemies because it can bring them victory as well!

For more information on the use of cannon and scaling ladder, please visit:

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Panzar official forum: http://panzar.bbs.wanmei.com

Panzar official Weibo address: http://weibo.com/panzar


Panzar’s Story—The Curse Of Kromholm Mines