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From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

by Emememem   on May-11-16 16:46

MOBA can be considered as the ruling class of esports games these years. Every year, esports tournaments attract countless people to fight, to compete. However, as time goes by, MOBA games change as well—from 2D to 2.5D, then to 3D. Now let’s take a brief review on the history of MOBA!

MOBA is the abbreviation of “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena”. Many people think it roots in the RPG maps from War of Warcraft, but it was born a little bit earlier than we thought before.

In 1998, Blizzard released a map editor on Starcraft. A player called Aeon64 created a map “Aeon Of Strife” based on the editor and that wa the rudiment of MOBA. In this map, each of players could control one character to fight against the AI team. There were three lanes in the map which linked to the base of both sides. You destroyed your enemy’s base, you won. Sounds familiar, huh? The setting has been kept in the following tens of years to now.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

In 2002, the coming of War of Warcraft 3, became the key of MOBA games’ rise, which also had great impacts on ARPG and RTS games. Like Starcraft, players were allowed to create and edit custom maps. In 2003, an editor, Eul was inspired by Aeon of Strife and made a map called Defense of the Ancients. The map was like a storm in a teacup, which was called “DotA”, the name we were familiar with later.

After Eul, more and more players made their own DotA maps—they added heroes, items and defending towers. These RPG maps developed rapidly and brought the first wave of MOBA.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

On the other hand, the success of DotA, had deep influences on the MOBA games. Many game producers noticed the popularity and soon, Demigod, a game in DotA clones category appeared.

Demigod, which released in 2009, is a ARPG-style strategy game. Players have to fight for the positions in the temple of gods. It is the first independent MOBA game and brought the concept of MOBA to the public for the first time. Unfortunately, Demigod didn’t change the dominance DotA had for the game industry—server problems destroyed it. But anyway, it defined MOBA.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

After DotA, there are a lot of MOBA games on the market. Another game, which was also released in 2009, didn’t fall down like Demigod but to pushed the heat of MOBA up to a higher level. Its name is, League of Legends.

According to the statistics released in January 2014, the global PCU of LOL exceeded 7.58 million, DAU 27 million and MAU 67 million. Owning more than 100 million registered users, LOL has become the most popular and influential game in the world. It is League of Legends that brings the golden era of MOBA games and makes MOBA the most welcomed game category in the world.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

Since then, MOBA games conquer almost every corner on the Earth. And in 2013, another remarkable year for MOBA players, the sequel of DotA, DOTA2 appeared, as well as many well-made games.

DOTA2 gets rid of War3 and is based on Source Engine. The over 100 heroes from DotA are transplanted to DOTA2 gradually. Just like DotA, DOTA2 has high requirements on the skills and consciousness of players which bring it countless true fans.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

As League of Legends and DOTA2 conquering the market, many producers started to explore the future of MOBA. A lot of companies tended to believe MOBA’s future will belong to 3D’s world. Soon, series of 3D MOBA games met us.

Cyphers is a 3D action games developed by Neople. The blow feedback, blasting effect, 5v5 team fights, magnificent characters and finishers brought players into a new world and with new game experiences at that time.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

Also, there were more games changing the perspective from 45 degrees into a third person angle—this kind of close-range perspective made players feel like they were in the center of the arena. SMITE is a 3D team competitive game based on Unreal 3. It has multiple modes and methods, which wins applauses among players.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

At the same time, famous Russian game studio Panzar Studio sees the bright future of 3D MOBA. They produced a hardcore 3D MOBA game Panzar based on CryEngine 3. This game abandoned the concepts of lanes and towers, focusing on 8v8 team fights. Also it provides various maps and modes.

From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games

Now, although League of Legends and DOTA2 play the leading role among MOBA games, more and more producers show the tendency of MOBA’s future. As technology developed, there will be more options for us to choose. Are you ready for 3D era?

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From 2D To 3D, The History Of MOBA Games