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Doom 4 evaluation after publish date 13th May

by Stella Yan   on May-10-16 11:01

Today, Betheada officially indicated that the media evaluation of Doom 4 will be released after the game published. The publish date is on 13th May.

Doom 4 evaluation after publish date 13th May

From IGN announcement about DOOM 4 media evaluation edition sent by Bethesda, Doom 4 server can only open on this Friday when the game released. Therefore, Bethesda will not send evaluation edition before the game release. Bethesda mentioned that Doom 4 is a super powerful game combined single player game, multiplayer game and Snapmap custom system. Each parts are meaningful to the complete DOOM 4 experience. Therefore, considering about the network support of multiplayer mode and Snapmap, media evaluation could not be supported before the release.

It is reported that DOOM 4 will be officially released on 13th May with corresponding platform PS4, Xbox One and PC.