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Shadwen released trailer, similar to Assassins Creed

by Stella Yan   on May-19-16 16:49

Today, New work Shadwen developed by Frozenbyte has been officially released. Frozenbyte had developed Trine before. Today, the developer also released the trailer of this work.

The game is similar to Assassins Creed and regard assassination sneak as the center. If you have experienced Superhot, it will be easier to play Shadwen. Players could go ahead as long as players move the time. The rules of the game is simple. You can not be find out by enemy. If so, game over.

The heroine of this game is an assassin named Shadwen. Her goal is to assassinate the king. Apart from finish the task, players also need to worried about the safety of entourage named Lily, you need to protect the girl’s safety in the assassination mission. His action will influence her and her story.