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Interview With Inflame: Not Satisfied With The Match Against Newbee

by Emememem   on May-20-16 15:47

After the match against Newbee, the solo of CDEC.Y Inflame took an interview, sharing his opinions on the state of his team and DPL.

Q: You drew 1-1 with Newbee on the first day of DPL. Are you satisfied with the result?

A: Not really. ChuaN isn’t here and I feel like they’re quite relaxed because they just come back to China. The match doesn’t show many things.

Q: You once said in your stream that you were confident to defeat any teams except Newbee. And you also changed the name of your steam as “seldom lose recently”. Does it mean your team’s state is good right now?

A: What I’m satisfied with is the chemistry is better than before. But we’re not that nervous about these matches as we were in the Manila Major qualifiers. We treat the matches as training. I’m sick these days so don’t follow other teams. I heard that LGD was quite strong.

Interview With Inflame: Not Satisfied With The Match Against Newbee

Q: Have you studied the new patch and prepared some new strategies?

A: Yep. Sometimes we pick less popular heroes and win, people think we’re unorthodox. But if we lose, they say our draft is bad, like Abaddon in mid lane.

Q: Which heroes do you prefer to pick and ban first?

A: It depends on our opponents.

Q: As a solo player, which hero do you like the most?

A: I love Invoker and Tinker most. But I often play the heroes like DK, Puck and Bat. I just play what my team asks me to.

Q: How do you feel about the roster changes in your team?

A: The manager told me that there might be changes in our line-up. It’s very complicated so I didn’t follow. We’re good now and other teams are not very strong except Newbee.

Q: We notice that your Battle Pass is Level 973. What preparations do you make for TI6?

A: Train hard and go to TI.

Q: Almost all the team participate DPL. What’s your opinion on this?

A: It’s good and hard for a tournament to include all the Chinese teams. I don’t know the whole schedule yet, but I think many teams will learn a lot from this tournament.

Q: What do you think is the advantage of playing with both old and young teams?

A: We don’t focus on the so-called “old and young” team now. Young teams have many new strategies and ideas.

Q: Can you comment on DPL?

A: Since we’re still at the online stage, you can’t tell the differences among teams. But the League is a long-term tournament, so we can learn something new and do our training at the same time. I hope it can be a regular tournament because it provides very high prize money. Wish DPL a better future.