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Fnatic LoL Announces The Line-up Of Fnatic Academy

by Emememem   on May-13-16 16:05

After announcing the return of Yellowstar, Fnatic releases an announcement about the line-up of Fnatic Academy.

Fnatic LoL Announces The Line-up Of Fnatic Academy

  “We are finally ready to announce our challenger team! This could be the worst kept secret in eSports however the best kept secret in eSports has been keeping us very busy (California Dreamin’ anyone?) but we’ve finally caught up with everything and are ready to tell the world.

  Following Worlds last year, it became apparent that despite being only a few matches away from lifting the trophy for the second time, we needed to do even more to succeed. Getting a challenger team seemed like an excellent opportunity to have a team nearby to practice with and to beef up our LoL infrastructure, as well as nurture talent for the organisation. And thus the project began...

  Between “Deilor”, the team manager “Quaye”, our very own CGO “cArn” and our team operations manager “DRUNKKZ3”, we scouted for the very best up-and-coming talent in the challenger scene. The number of applicants blew our minds (over 500 players and 280 coaches!) and made us proud to wear black and orange. We ran multiple trials with multiple players, with a view of bringing together the finest team possible. From this, SozPurefect, Exork and Impaler stood out the best players. We were very interested in Werlyb from the get go and the final player who joined was Klaj (again, more below on this).

  Without trying to brag (too much), we see this as a fantastic opportunity for this new team. We were able to move the players into our LCS gaming house during the off-season with all the perks and advantages that has to offer. They have a full time coach “Nuddle”, benefitted hugely from having “Deilor” for a week to bring them together and will have a full time Manager to keep them alive and fed. Finally, the experience and leadership of Klaj will be invaluable as well as the level of analysis we can provide with our setup from the LCS unit.

  The initial run perhaps could have gone off to a better start, as it was a loss! We secretly think they did this to make the other teams underestimate them… which paid off well as its the team has been improving ever since. In order to get through to the Challenger Series Qualifier, the team fought off Illuminar Honor Gaming with an emphatic win and are now on the path to qualify for the challenger series…”

The rosters are as followed:

Offlane: Jorge ‘Werlyb’ Casanovas

Jungle: Matt ‘Impaler’ Taylor

Solo: Hicham ‘SozPurefect’ Tazrhini

Support: Johan ‘Klaj’ Olsson

AD Carry: Sebastien ‘Exorkk’ Lamorte

Coach: Jean-Francois ‘Nuddle’ Caron