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Ben Affleck Dark Souls 3 spoof promotion

by Stella Yan   on Apr-08-16 15:06

Dark Souls 3 will be officially released on 12th April in the regions apart from Japan. In order to promote it better, publisher NAMCO BANDAI uploaded a spoof video about Ben Affleck painful memories to promote Dark Souls.

The video source is from the interview of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When interviewer asked about the negative evaluation about this movie, Batman actor Henry Cavill talked with ease and fluency, Ben Affleck seems in a painful memory. Therefore, NAMCO BANDAI spoofed Ben Affleck’s expression to promote Dark Souls.

At first, the question has been changed. ‘Dark Souls is coming to release, what is your memory towards early Dark Souls’ Garfunkel song The Sound of Silence has been matched. The picture used the silence of Ben Affleck and different ‘you died’ background shown a funny picture that Ben Affleck memorized painful memory. 

Ben Affleck Dark Souls 3 spoof promotion