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Sony Shutting Down PlayStation MVP Program

by Emememem   on Apr-17-16 16:29

Sony Shutting Down PlayStation MVP Program

Source: Gamespot

[UPDATE] A Sony representative confirmed to GameSpot today that the PlayStation MVP program will indeed shut down on April 18.

"As of April 18, we are no longer actively supporting the PlayStation MVP Program," the rep said. "We're incredibly thankful to our MVPs for their participation in the program and enthusiasm for making PlayStation the best place to play. We will continue to explore new ways to empower the vibrant PlayStation community."

The original story is below.

The PlayStation MVP program will soon be no more. Users are reporting receiving an email from Sony (via NeoGAF) informing them that the program will effectively shut down this coming Monday, April 18.

"As of Monday, April 18, PlayStation will no longer actively support the MVP Program," reads a line from the notice. "We want to thank you for your participation in the program and your enthusiasm in making PlayStation the best place to play."

Though the MVP program is going away, Sony said it remains committed to finding new ways to "empower the vibrant PlayStation community across our on-console and digital ecosystem."

It was also explained that the shutdown does not affect the MVP program's support services.

What exactly was the PlayStation MVP program? Here's the official description for the program, which users had to apply to if they wanted to be accepted:

"As a member of the PlayStation MVP, you'll help host exclusive game events and tournaments, create content such as walk-throughs and help articles for fellow PlayStation gamers on the PlayStation Forums, and share your expert opinions on PlayStation products through exclusive panels and discussion sessions with the PlayStation Community Management team."

As explained by NeoGAF member aristotle, the writing had been on the wall.

"Since about January or so, the MVP program has been in a state of confusion," they said. "No one really knew what was going on, but we had assumed something would be changing."

You can read more about the PlayStation MVP program here. We have also followed up with Sony in an attempt to get more details.