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Sony provides PS VR experience machine for store demo from June

by Stella Yan   on Apr-18-16 15:34

Seeing is believing. Sony decides to provide 500 thousand PlayStation VR demo experience for the retailers from this June to let the players experience in stores. 

Sony provides PS VR experience machine for store demo from June

According to Money report, Sony Interactive Entertainment marketing vice president John Keller talked in GameStop Investor Conference last week. He indicated that Virtual Reality head-wearing equipment need to experience by players’ themselves, they could let the players believe. Therefore, this experimental marketing will be an important promotion method. However, different from PS4 and other game console selling, new console function is predictable.As for the wholly new technology, VR have not yet been experienced.  

Keller mentioned that demo could increase players’ purchase intention. We acquired excellent technology, players also need to experience themselves. We want to provide appealing demo experience in attractive store.

As one of the top famous game retailers, GameStop will conduct profound cooperation with PSVR on store demo. Its CEO Tony Bartel indicated that they will build up exclusive PSVR demo station in many stores. Meanwhile, SONY will also use mobile truck to support PSVR demo experience. 

Bartel said that we will become the essential sale partner with Sony, and we will sell Sony PSVR hardware, bundle version and games.

GameStop provided HTC Vive store demo in ten American stores. They have had the experience on this point. Obviously, this time the scale of Sony store demo will be larger.

CEO Paul Raines mentioned that we have played the VR equipment in all of our offices. Obviously, the installation of PS VR is much easier and needs smaller room to experience. Therefore, compared with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, I expect to have many PSVR experience station in our stores.

Last but not least, Keller also talked about his opinion towards PSVR promotion. He hope the experienced players could play the role of media and recommend more players to experience PSVR. On the other hand, we would cooperate with media to let more people understand PS VR.

SONY PSVR will be released in this October with the price of 399 dollars.