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Early classic PS style horror game Back in 1995 release in 28th April

by Stella Yan   on Apr-15-16 16:02

Recently, publishers Degica officially confirmed that Back in 1995 produced based on early PS classic horror game style will be landed in Steam on 28th April. The reason the game could be expected by players because this game has the early classic PS horror game style similar to Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark etc.

It is reported that this game was produced by Japanese independent developer Takaaki Ichijo. He mentioned that he developed this game because of his habit. This game not only inspired by those classic horror games but also added remarkable feelings.

The hero in Back in 1995 has been transferred into a different world. Players must uncover the mystery of daughter lost. At the same time, a large catastrophe has been got through, the whole game style has adopted 1990s’ PS horror game style. The game control is the classic Resident Evil style. We believe this game will bring you back to the classic era of horror game.