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IGBC 2016|Mobile Esports, the Hottest Issue in 2016

by Camellia   on Apr-01-16 16:51

Since late 2015, mobile esports rose to be a widely discussed topic. Participants ranging from large enterprise like Tencent and small teams with only 4 or 5 members all prepare to publish their own mobile esports games. However, some time later, except for few high quality ones succeeded, most of them soon disappeared after promotion.

IGBC 2016|Mobile Esports, the Hottest Issue in 2016

When you look up on your AppStore bestsellers, only a few on the top 100 are mobile esports games. So what mobile games do our players like for mobile esports? What feature should they have before holding a mobile esports competition?

First of all, no matter it is a mobile esports or in other categories, its most important label is mobile game, so your target group is mobile game players. However some so called mobile esports games lowered the footages of a client MOBA game, cut around 2/3 of heroes and added an ugly joystick and call itself a mobile esports game. While, due to their declined esports gameplay and awkward control, it’s impossible for esports gamers and new users to enjoy the game.

Certainly, client esports games especially MOBA games has accumulated a large amount of users and some of mobile MOBAs have excellent performances. While, these are due to the thorough understanding of game developers. But for developers who don’t know MOBA well, it’s better to pay more attention on FPS or distinct gameplay of mobile esports. CF, Hearth Stone and Clash Royale all prove that success of mobile esports has many ways besides MOBA.

Secondly, be it traditional esports or mobile esports, since it is esports, fairness is a must follow rule. Doesn’t mean that mobile esports cannot charge money, but ensure the fairness when charging is important, otherwise your game will be a battle of money spending, not good to gamers enthusiasm on esports.

There two good examples of fairness. One is Hearth Stone, its in-game purchase cannot increase gamers’ strength in gaming,and those who don’t spend any coins can balance with rich gamers through some rules. That’s unimaginable for Chinese game developers if the thousands RMB spending players cannot beat those who haven’t spent any money. Then you better follow this example, Clash Royale. In the upcoming first official tournament of Clash Royale, Supercell brings some new rules for competition, and the most important one is a setting on the highest level of your camp and cards.

IGBC 2016|Mobile Esports, the Hottest Issue in 2016

Lastly, the high participation rate of esports is not only because of the fun it produces to gamers, but also of the cluster effect brought by professional players and esports stars. And star effect is what mobile esports lacks most at the moment. Training new starts or transfer the existing stars from traditional esprots to mobile esprots is a main concern of esports companies.

As mobile game covers more and more users, mobile esports doomed to be the next breaking and growth points.But please note that not all participants will succeed. At IGBC 2016 during April 18th to 19th, a Esports Stage is scheduled, where esprots publishers, developers and broadcasters will gather to discuss the future of mobile esports. Probably it’ll be the place where the next reform starts.

IGBC 2016|Mobile Esports, the Hottest Issue in 2016

Official website: http://igbc.cgigc.com.cn

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