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Interview With Sylar: I Don’t Reconcile To Leave, May Build Up My Own Team

by Emememem   on Mar-31-16 11:42

Q: The shuffle period is over. Considering your performances at The Shanghai Major, it’s easy for you to find a team. Why didn’t you join any team?

A: I contacted with several teams but failed to reach agreements on roster and conditions.

Q: Rumor has it that you’re closed with Newbee.Y. Why didn’t you join them?

A: Because 357 (the former coach of VG) and I want to go to the same team. We used to work for VG and I know he can help the team a lot as a coach. It’s very tired playing DOTA2 alone because you need to study a lot. It will be much easier to have a coach like 357. I told Newbee.Y clearly that I had to join together with him. But Newbee.Y has their own coach and finds it unacceptable.

Q: How about other teams?

A: I talked with iG. Just the similar situation as Newbee.Y.

Q: Can you comment on 357? Why do you trust him so much?

A: We know that he used to be a pro-gamer of Ehome. He has great understandings over the game. As a coach, he is very earnest and his words is easy to be accepted by us. When he watches our training, he records our problems, including some summarized problems. That’s why I think he is a good coach, even better than others.

Q: You didn’t announce your team which made fans worry for you. Some even suggested you join a foreign team. Have you ever considered this?

A: I did, but it’s hard when it comes to an actual operation. I didn’t contact much with foreign players before and didn’t know how to contact them. Communication is also a problem.

Q: Now you miss the shuffle period. Does it mean you will be absent from The Manila Major and The International 2016?

A: Should be.

Interview With Sylar: I Don’t Reconcile To Leave, May Build Up My Own Team

Q: You mentioned that you contacted with Newbee.Y and iG but failed to reach agreements because of the coach. Do you think it’s worth wasting half a year for a coach?

A: Not just for the coach, there are many reasons for this decision. On the one hand, I feel tired of playing matches, having a coach can relieve my pressure. On the other hand, it’s my family. My mom’s state of illness is very serious now, terminal stage of cancer. I’ve been struggling with the question “play professional games or not” for quite a long time. During the shuffle period, my decision was if there was a team that could meet my requirements, I would consider playing, or take a break for half a year with my family. I’ve been a pro-gamer for 5 years and haven’t rested for 5 years. If I join a new team, there may be no differences with my former team, tired as well. I don’t want to play like this, so I think it’s better to fight with a coach I trust.

Q: In this sense, it may be a good choice for you to take a break. You can spend more time with your mom.

A: Yes, and I want to relax for a while. In the past five years, I suffered from nerves badly.

Q: You said on Weibo that you considered retiring before The Shanghai Major. What’s your plan on retirement?

A: The reason I wanted to retire before The Shanghai Major was because of the team’s bad conditions. Regardless of the questions, ROTK came because of my recommendation, but we didn’t cooperate well. It’s not moral that you come with your friend but leave alone. I knew we couldn’t made to Top 3 just like what we did at TI5, so I wanted to retire at that time. After WCA coming the new patch, our state was much better so I decided to keep playing. But you all know what happened later.

Q: Now it seems like your situation is worse than that time because half a year will be wasted. Why you decide not to retire at this point?

A: It’s a question, to play or to rest. I’ve thought about it for a long time. Many things happened recently. My conflict with Ruru on Weibo is just a part of them. There were other things frustrating me, as well as my family, so I were under huge pressure. I didn’t go out several days. I just kept thinking about these things and I were confused. Some of my closed friends tried to enlighten me. And my final decision is I’ll continue to play if there is a team can meet my needs. If not, I’ll take a rest for half a year and stream, stay with my family. I think once you retire, you shouldn’t return. So I’m very clear about my rest. I will come back in half a year. I haven’t won TI and I don’t reconcile to leave like this.

Q: Have you ever worried about your state after 6 months?

A: Yes. 357 suggested me to play if I could, but I feel exhausted and I need time to adjust myself.

Q: Say something about LGD. ROTK came to LGD because of your recommendation. His performances were questioned a lot after his coming. What’s your comment on him and his performances in LGD?

A: He was responsible as a drafter and he discussed with us about strategies and tactics when watching replays. There were something he didn’t do well, but as a teammate, I think he’s done enough. Even though he didn’t play well, he is a good player in terms of his attitudes.

Q: We heard that you and ROTK quarreled after losing to CDEC at NYC?

A: It actually was a normal discussion. We had different opinions on a question. I watched the replay later and we rediscussed it to make it clear.

Q: Many people want to know about the atmosphere in LGD. Is there anyone unsatisfied with ROTK?

A: The atmosphere was not good, but not bad. It was mainly because we lost a lot. There wasn’t dissatisfaction on ROTK. We disputed, but just disputed about games.

Q: Chinese teams performed badly at The Shanghai Major, including LGD. Why?

A: The New Year holiday is undoubtedly an important reason. Ehome won MDL and Chinese teams did quite well at that time. Although after the Spring Festival we all trained hard, that was not enough. We can say the Chinese New Year have great impacts on this Major.

Q: Besides the Spring Festival, is there any other reasons?

A: We’re left behind in terms of strategies, personal abilities and the understandings of current patch. But all these can be fixed through training.

Q: As a pro-gamer, how did you feel when you saw Chinese teams defeated one by one?

A: The feeling was complex. I’ve been there too many times and I tried to fight for China but failed.

Q: After The Shanghai Major, you had conflicts with Ruru on Weibo. What made you speak out to the public?

A: LGD wanted me to stay but they claimed that I myself wanted to leave and asked me to stand out. I didn’t want to quarrel with them at the beginning because I wanted to play. But Ruru asked me on Wechat to speak in all conscience, which made me angry. I knew this wouldn’t benefit me if I spoke out. But I just couldn’t swallow it.

Q: Have you ever thought about the consequences when you posted on Weibo?

A: I thought about force-out. But just as I said on Weibo, once I decided to speak out, I was ready to retire. I learned later that Ruru did try to force me out but it didn’t work.

Q: In what ways?

A: Unite with other teams and ACE.

Q: Forbid other teams to hire you?

A: Yeah something like this.

Q: Now you have to take a break for a while due to many reasons. Do you regret doing that? You may keep playing if you didn’t post those. You could go to Manila and TI.

A: Of course I rethought about it, but I didn’t regret. I’m not a person who keeps silent when others ride roughshod over me.

Q: Finally you terminated your contract with LGD. Does this come to an end?

A: Kind of yes.

Q: Does the conflict affect your relationships with other players?

A: A little bit embarrassed, but we won’t take it serious.

Q: What’s your opinions on LGD? You’ve played for them for quite a long time.

A: Nothing special. I just regret to return to LGD after TI4. I didn’t see Ruru clearly.

Q: Tell us about your plans in the following months.

A: So far just stream and spend more time with my family. I may build up an online team later. Participate some tournaments to keep my state.


Chinese interview by Esports Magazine

English transcript by Stargame