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Sum Up GDC 2016: PSVR Is The Hottest Issue

by Emememem   on Mar-18-16 17:14

As GDC 2016 coming to an end, let’s see the spotlights of the whole event: what’s the hottest topic; what’s the most touching moment; and what’s the most excited part?

The Hottest Topic—PSVR

The deserved protagonist of GDC 2016! 2016 is called as “the first year of VR”. Early before, two of three VR giants, Oculus Rift and HTC released their VR products, Oculus Rift and HTC vive, which stirred big waves in the industry. As the last chapter of the trio, PSVR definitely becomes the protagonist of GDC this year. The $399 price make all VR lovers cheer. Although it requires PS4 to cooperate and is released formally in October, people’s passion on it is amazing: the pre-order on Amazon shows “sold out” in just several minutes! Besides, right after the announcement of PSVR, its exclusive games release new screenshots and details.

Sum Up GDC 2016: PSVR Is The Hottest Issue

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The Most Excited Night—GDCA

GDCA (Game Developers Choice Awards), is kind of like the Oscar in game scene. Undoubtedly, winning GDCA is the best affirmation of developers’ hardworks. This year, Her Story shines at GDCA night—it wins three awards, including Best Narrative, Best Handheld (/Mobile Game) and Best Innovation. While on the other hand, The Witcher 3 once again takes the most important one—Game of the Year home after winning this at TGA 2015. What a grand slam!

Sum Up GDC 2016: PSVR Is The Hottest Issue

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The New Independent Game Element—CandleMan Made in China

It is the first time that Chinese work showing up at Xbox booth. In the game, players will play as the little candle surviving in a fantasy world. As you have limited length of life, you should keep on lighting on candles scattered in every cornor. CandleMan was selected into Microsoft ID@Xbox plan. It stands out from more than 350 independent games together with the other 22 lucky dogs to be displyed by Xbox at GDC 2016. The attending of CandleMan is also a good sign for Chinese local developers.

Sum Up GDC 2016: PSVR Is The Hottest Issue

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The Most Touching Moment—Memorial Video of Great Game Men Passed in 2015

At GDCA, the memorial video of great game men passed in 2015 is played. Thanks for their love and cares for the industry, as well as all the sacrifices and dedications they made. In the video, a short animation of Satoru Iwata, the former CEO of Nintendo, dissolved all in tears.

Also, many other console games like Star Wars, Kingdom Heart 3 and FF7 Remake all bring their latest news and trailers to us, covering game lovers of all categories! I already started looking forward to the next year!

Sum Up GDC 2016: PSVR Is The Hottest Issue

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