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First Pokemon Sun/Moon Footage Reportedly Coming Soon

by Emememem   on Mar-27-16 16:34

Resource: Gamespot

The first footage of new mainline Pokemon games Sun and Moon will reportedly be revealed on April 3.

According to Serebii.net (via IGN), Pokemon series director Junichi Masuda will appear that day on an episode of the weekly Gathering at the Pokemon House TV variety show to reveal the first footage.

He will be joined by battle director Shigeki Morimoto and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire director Shigeru Ohmori during the event, with the trio presumably planning to talk more about the game. Serebii explains that it's not clear right now if the footage will be released on the Internet or only through the TV broadcast.

Whatever the case, as soon as the footage becomes available, we'll post it on GameSpot.

Pokemon Sun/Moon was announced in February. No details were shared regarding gameplay elements, but what appears to be concept art and character designs for Sun and Moon are shown at the end of the announcement video embedded above.

For the first time in franchise history, Sun and Moon will offer traditional and simplified Chinese as language options. Additionally, they will come with Pokemon Bank functionality, allowing players to move Pokemon wirelessly from the eShop versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow, as well as Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, X, and Y, to Sun and Moon. More details on how this works are available here.

"The Pokemon core series games are the center of the Pokemon universe and provide some of the most memorable Pokemon moments for our fans," Pokemon Company marketing director J.C. Smith said in a statement at the time. "I can't wait to see what fans think of the new adventures they'll find in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon."

Pokemon Sun/Moon launches this holiday for 3DS.