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PSVR Will Launch other Fields, Support PC in the Future?

by Camellia   on Mar-28-16 14:37

At GDC 2016, SCE announced the price, release date and other details of PlayStation VR--PSVR will be available in this October at $399, much lower than Oculus Rift’s and HTC Vive’s. At the moment, a PS4 is the fundamental device for PSVR, but it seems that this is a trial of making PSVR working on PC.

PSVR Will Launch other Fields, Support PC in the Future?

However, compare to the higher priced Oculus Rift, images on PSVR is indeed not as good as on Rift, which is covered by PSVR’s lower price. What’s good for PSVR is although the high end VR market and mobile VR market are dominated by Rift and Vive, the medium end market is possessed by PSVR only for there no other competitor of PSVR.

As for VR’s success, doubts are already eliminated, and the whole world is thinking about VR’s long term impact on game industry and IT industry. Most developers are now worrying about how to popularize VR in common gamers and what kind of games can promote the development of VR.

In the perspective of PSVR’s $399 price, Sony Computer Entertainment senior vice president   Masayasu Ito explained that they started development targeted on this price, and in PlayStation’s history, once $399 exchanged the whole selling. Even though $399 is not very cheap, but it is a proper price for VR fans. And the cost is lower than the retailing price, so they won’t lose money by just selling hardware.

Before SCE’s announcement at GDC, PSVR was rumored to come out in the first half of 2016. As for why the date is finally delayed to October, Masayasu Ito said, the estimated orders from their sales team is much larger than their expectation. So, to make PSVR available for users worldwide, it takes more time to produce. Although he didn’t tell the exact number, but judging from the crowded orders, shipments before 2017 could be 1 to 2 million. Restrictions of enlarging production are SCE’ controlment of PSVR quality and PSVR’s production is centered in Japan.

PSVR Will Launch other Fields, Support PC in the Future?

Most astonishing news is PSVR will not only launch PS4. Masayasu Ito indicated Nikkei that Sony is considering on making PSVR support PC, but “not now”. Mr. Ito said, the innards of PS4 is similar to modern PC’s, while Sony is currently focusing on games, but PSVR will expand to other territories in the future, not right away.