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The CEO Of Niantic Talks About The Details In ‘Pokemon GO’

by Emememem   on Dec-23-15 14:25

Niantic Labs under Google is now working with Nintendo to develop large multiplayer interactive AR game Pokemon GO’. Recently the CEO John Hanke discloses more information on the game. John Hanke thinks the reason of the successful cooperation is mainly because of the CEO of ‘Pokemon’, Tsunekazu Ishihara.


Tsunekazu and his family all play ‘Ingress’ (an AR game developed by Niantic). They think ‘Ingress’ is a fantastic game and hope ‘Pokemon’ can bring this feeling as well.


The CEO Of Niantic Talks About The Details In ‘Pokemon GO’

In John’s opinion, ‘Pokemon GO’, as an AR game, must let us feel the connections with our world, instead of being an isolated virtual one. The reason is the development is based on the augmented real scenes. During the process of AR, the cameras play an important roles. John Hanke also mentions that even though ‘Pokemon GO’ is an online game, the point of AR games is to let those players go out of their homes.


“We try to add more difficulties to the seizing locations, especially some rare species (like Moltres), maybe on a clitter under the mountain,” says John. “Compared with ‘Ingress’, Do Kwan will be rarer. Some of them you have to take long-distance transportations to get there.”


The CEO Of Niantic Talks About The Details In ‘Pokemon GO’

In ‘Pokemon GO’, monsters will be distributed around the world based on their attributes. For example, Blastoise appears by the sea or on the beach; while Charizard may appear at the equator. There will be large battles in some populated areas. The winners will win rare species. Monsters can be traded and the battles between different groups are available, just like what in the animation!


In order to strengthen the experience of ‘Pokemon GO’, Nintendo is developing a wearable device “Pokemon Go Plus” for it. We can understand it as a smart bracelet built-in Google map. Since you can’t stare at the screen all the time, Pokemon GO Plus will inform you of possible monsters by shaking or belling when you pass a certain place.