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Analysts Say Nintendo NX Has 40% Of Failure Rate

by Emememem   on Nov-30-15 15:12

Although Nintendo NX hasn’t been seen by anyone, professional analysts say the failure rate of it can be 40%.

Analysts Say Nintendo NX Has 40% Of Failure Rate

The news comes from the latest episode of ‘The Pachter Factor’ on siftd.net. In a talk of large range, famous analyst, Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities mentioned the next console from Nintendo. The talk is about what the console is like, how will it be sold and what Nintendo will do if NX fails to be sold well.

When it comes to NX, one of the main questions is what features it will have. Pachter and his colleagues believe that this console will turn out to be a combination in some sense. NX may be connected with mobile phones instead of 3DS. Also they think Nintendo will release mobile versions of games for NX.

Based on this theory, Pachter is optimistic about NX’s incomes and profits. However, he thinks the failure rate of NX will be 40%. Even though NX is released in the late stage in this generation, Pachter thinks it can reach a sales volume of 30 million. However, PS4 released two years ago recently reached this number. Maybe 30 million is not very high, but it’s much better than Wii U’s 10 million.

Besides, Pachter doesn’t think NX users will be happy to see Nintendo transplants its games onto PlayStation and Xbox. On the contrary, it will be good for NX to bring their games onto mobile phones and tablets.

The above opinions are very personal and without official information’s supports.

Nintendo has promised to reveal something about NX next year. Rumor has it that third-party manufacturers have received its development kits. It is said NX will apply advanced chip, in order to be competitive enough with PS4 and Xbox One.