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The Spring of China Video Game Industry, does it come?

by UNICORN   on Oct-01-15 18:53

  As the first biggest game exhibition, ChinaJoy, witnesses the changes of Game Market in China, from PC online games to web games, then to mobile games. The annually ChinaJoy is not only a carnival for players, but also the exactly leading mark of the pevelopment of Chinese game industry.

  Following the founding of SFTZ in 2013, the China video game market prohibition carries out a "breaking ice", this issue thus becomes a hot topic, and it is regarded as a brand new sea of Chinese game market in the future. Yet, in this January, the Chinese government proclaimed a new file about the issue, again, stimulated the family entertainment market, professionally, the prospect of the related business has been pleased hope on alot. 

  During ChinaJoy this year, some theme exhibitions about family consoles, or we say "ACH", which draw a great deal of eyes. That makes it become one of the chief section of ChinaJoy as well. 

The Spring of China Video Game Industry, does it come?

  Maybe we can predict that video game consoles will cause a new strom in the game market in China. Therefore, could we just state this is the spring of Chinese video game market? Let see. 

  First, the operators upgrade by lower the fee, higher the speed 

  as we know, PS4 and Xbox One bring us a dozen of great games, people are crazy about them. But in China, the internet limites them too much, makes players to watch instead of trying on them. Now the state has changed, new plan comes out, encourages the whole family video game industry to inport much more new high quality products.  

  Second, smart TV is getting common

The Spring of China Video Game Industry, does it come?

  As for the end of 2014, smart TVs and TV boxes had been sold for over 100 millions in total, and the amount is still mounting significantly. for those, TV companies are noyt going to keep their eyes on the hardwares. Many factories are trying to add some game platform into the TV functions, such as Tencent and LETV. So far, China's TV industry gorws unprecedently strong the the past.

  Third, game concept changing and the potential players growing 

  follow the time passing, young people becomes the main power of the society. Social structure changing brings new ideas. Besides, China has the biggest amount of players, many of them are loyal fans to video games. One report says that there are at least 20 millions fans in China, each of them spends 200 RMB per year, which gives us a 4-billion-big market. We believe that, the new concept can explot the potential market, the flourish of this area is in the wind.

  Now we can claim that China's video game is worthwhile to wait. At the same time, we still have to work on strike piracy, etc, to clear the business circumstance. Every ChinaJoy is like a concept storm, delivers us new changes.