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Mobile Games Are Innocent; Producer Should Be Responsible For All The Losses

by UNICORN   on Oct-07-15 11:07

  Undoubtedly, mobile games have become a popular and common public game form. To some extent, a well-made game providing in-game buying can even make more income than PC and console games. And now here comes a question: are console games affected by mobile games, since everyone has a phone and can play mobile games at anytime anywhere?

Mobile Games Are Innocent; Producer Should Be Responsible For All The Losses

  Recently, the COO of SONY PS, Shuhei Yoshida replied with the question “will SONY release the sequel of PS Vita”. He said “Everybody now gets a cell phone and has easy accesses to mobile games. The fact itself has influences on console games. SONY is still searching for a way to explore brand new console games. However, the environment changed a lot. It’s hard to tell whether SONY will launch new consoles.”

  On the other hand, the writer of Forbes, Erik Kain doesn’t think so. He thinks that SONY is finding itself an excuse to cover the truth that the failure of PS Vita is a consequence of wrong marketing. In Kain’s opinion, the sales volume of PS Vita is even less than its predecessor PSP and cannot be compared with its peers like 3DS from Nintendo, the sales volume of the latter has been gone over 50 million. The impacts of mobile games are mainly on conventional home-use games instead of consoles. SONY is supposed to be responsible for the poor market of PS Vita.

  So, what’s SONY’s mistake? Probably the lack of game contents. Game resources have always been PS Vita’s Achilles Heel. It’s obvious that relying on the games of PS1 and PS2 is day-old bread. SONY has to make these games more interesting and fresh.