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We Don’t Need Titan! Oculus Claimed 970 Can Play VR Games Smoothly

by Emememem   on Oct-23-15 15:13

VR game devices will explode next year. Not only there are Steam VR, Oculus VR on PC clients, but also PS VR on PS4. Same as the current situation, VR games need powerful graphics card on PC client, while PS4 players don’t have to worry about the problem. So, how to evaluate a graphics card that is qualified for VR games.


We Don’t Need Titan! Oculus Claimed 970 Can Play VR Games Smoothly

The CEO of NVIDIA once said if you want to play VR games, you need graphics at least of GTX 980 or GTX Titan level. If so, how many people will buy Oculus VR devices? They are not cheap, aren’t they?

Now Oculus makes an official statement: all the VR games in their stores only require graphics cards of GTX 970 or R9 290 level.

Actually in May this year, Oculus released a requirement on the configuration of Oculus Rift PC. The graphics card on the recommended list is GTX 970/R9 290 with 8 GB RAM, which is in accord with the official statement. That means, next year, players can play VR games smoothly without buying the latest graphics card.


Recommended Configuration:

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 970/ AMD R9 290, or higher

CPU: i5-4590 or higher


Support HDMI 1.3 Video Output

Two USB 3.0 Ports

System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher


Considering the fact that Oculus VR hamlet will come out in the first quarter next year, GTX 970 and R9 290 will be cheaper than now.