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Games decide everything

by UNICORN   on Sep-10-15 21:53

      Massive studio is one of famous UBISOFT studios, some well-known games, such as: Assassin's Creed and Just Dance are all from it. Journalist from the xyous.com recently interviewed Oliver Merlov, the producer of massive studio, briefly, and got some experience from his work.

Games decide everything

--Different platforms are no longer to be important--

2014 is definitely a year of mobile games. it not only brought over $ 20 billion benefit, but also altered players’ habits. "We’re convinced that people are no longer focus on the plat forms, they have a huge interest in the game itself. For instants, they are playing Minecraft, they want to play it, that is the only reason, no matter on a PC or pad." Said Oliver, players precisely need a smart phone and an Internet connection equipment with a screen, "this breaks the limits of space and population, moreover, the games carry few amount of data, which insures we can run them smoothly with WIFI, 3G, or even 2G." Oliver said, "There are going to be a just dance in China, with much more Chinese elements.

--"Always Playable"--

That is the core ideology of Massive Studio, "and it means we always keep the playability, it is the unique standard", Merlov explained, "Every developer are supposed to play the entire game they are making". As a producer, Oliver claimed that he rarely manipulate with his authority. He listed several examples to tell us how they make decisions, “we make some models. After everyone trying it, we make the decisions.” All of our staff know the procedure and we invite some players to experience as well, for there feedback.

Games decide everything

Playing judges the design. Keep playing, games decide everything, but not your positions, everyone’s participating. Oliver explained the ideology these four brief sentences.

--it feels bad when failing to keep faith—

After UBISOFT takeover Massive Studio, Massive turn to be a 3A development studio, their works are including Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Farcry3, etc. Recently, they are working on The Division, and Massive is the chief developing studio of it, it in charges of the main ideas and decision. “we lead other studios in this case, and we need to communicate to those developers from everywhere of the world, it’s rather difficult, so our specialists are assigned to do it, so that we can make sure the developers can concentrate on their stuffs.”

Games decide everything

Sometimes the studio cannot get a new vision for the games on time, about this, Oliver also feel sorry for it, “that can be a difficult decision, we’ve got plenty of thing to think about,” he said, “however, our Swedish engineer are so efficient.”