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We do Independent Game Right!

by UNICORN   on Sep-10-15 21:19

We do Independent Game Right!

        Around these years, independent game is becoming one of the hot topics. Recently, we invited abroad game developer to share his ideas about this issue.

           Q: For the prosperity of independent games, what are your opinions on experience? Comparing with big studios, what sort of feature do independent studios have?

           A: the term “Independent game” sometimes causes misunderstanding. Technically, teams like Double Fine and Obsidian Entertainment are all “independent”. They have more than 100 people, yet, plenty of small mobile games developing teams have less than 6 members.

           One thing I have to say is that3A is not using to describe the level or the quality of games, it means the research and development budget of games. Inside my answers, the “independent” companies are not including those big ones, but those small teams with the research and development budget less than 100’000 dollars.

           Therefore, our topic is much more about the scale and range of the projects, base on this, the differences between 3A games and independent games is the hazard, the more you invest, the more you expect.

           So, what does it mean to games development and design? It’s simple to see, 3A developers have to keep calm and prudent on everything, but, independent games makers, on the contrary, they are able to risk, and maybe get something exciting. Nevertheless, the experience of games which produced by small teams are sometimes unsatisfied. They cannot afford to hire many designers, so they usually choose to reduce the scale.

           So we know the differences. The previous stuff is why players can see many radical ideas in games presented by small companies. From the other side of a coin, low budget games can hardly get the same depth as 3A games. We also found out that the working environments are distinct so much, comparing with each performs its own functions, independent studio members, hold multiple positions.

           In short, join in a low budget team means you are going to do several different jobs at one time, but in a huge team, your work have to be unique, or perfectly good, otherwise you might not get along with your colleges.