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10 Reasons Why Fallout 4 is Already Making Us Glow Like Uranium

by UNICORN   on Sep-11-15 16:00

    1. The Glamorous Wardrobe

    It wouldn't be a Fallout game without a fabulous closet of stunning evening wear to stroll around in. There's nothing better than slaying mutants while dressed to the nines.

    2.This rough-and-ready companion option

This is Preston Garvey, rugged leader of the Commonwealth Minutemen faction. Like the cut of his rugged jib? Good news! You can also seduce him in the ever-romantic Museum of Freedom ... regardless of your character's gender. (Photo by: Bethesda)

     3.This Amazing Real Life Pip-Boy

    The Fallout 4 Special Edition includes this incredible, real-life Pip-Boy replica. It's not only a to-scale re-creation, but also a housing for your phone. Your phone displays an app linked to the game's Pip-Boy. You can adjust your weapons and armor on the fly while completely immersing yourself in the apocalyptic future. (Photo by: Bethesda)

    4.That Lovable Dog Companion

    Scouring the wacky wasteland on your own is no fun. So Bethesda has provided a canine companion. Players can even give the cute little guy commands, like, "Retrieve a wrench from that radioactive dump." Fingers crossed the dog doesn't die in some dark, twisted tragedy. (Please don't die. Please don't die.) (Photo by: Bethesda)

    5.This Giant Freakin' Train on Fire

    Plot details are still scarce for this new game, but whatever's happening with this flaming bullet train careening off its tracks in the latest trailer ... it's sure to be epic. (Photo by: Bethesda)

    6.The Dynamic Character Creation Options

    Fallout 3 was a great game, but no matter how long gamers spent in its character creator, the on-screen avatar looked like a mutant cave dweller. Thankfully, it looks like Bethesda's souped up the character customization, with a cool interactive scene between a husband and a wife. Players can even end up with someone easy on the eyes this time around. (Photo by: Bethesda)

    7.The Impressive Sense of Scope

    Fallout 4's creators have stated that "player freedom is the absolute number one goal," and from early looks at the game, it looks like they've accomplished that. When a character a emerges from Vault 111 to take in the desolated landscape of a ruined Boston, the sense of scale is awe-inspiring. (Photo by: Bethesda)

    8.This Devious Weapon Design System

    Fallout games can be a bit overwhelming, given the piles of useless junk lying around. But now, it looks like players can will finally be able to put all that stuff to great use. The new workbench allows for a gigantic variety of Frankenstein-esque weapon mashups we can't wait to wield.

    9.That Snarky Fallout Humor

    Fallout has a proud tradition of gallows humor, and it looks like Fallout 4 carries the torch forward into the future. It's a welcome relief when juxtaposed with the merciless and harsh climate.

    10.The Grotesque Gore

    We didn't explicitly see a "Bloody Mess" perk for Fallout 4 yet, but based on the glimpses of combat on display, it looks like the franchise's signature ultra-violence is back, along with the V.A.T.S. targeting system. Lock onto a limb and fire!