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How Do You Feel Being Recommended By Apple? Zhang Qiuchi Gives His Answer

by Emememem   on Sep-29-15 14:46

Last Wednesday, Ptbus Salon “how do you feel being recommended by Apple?” was held by PTBUS and MoDian.Com in Beijing. Four popular games and their producers are invited: ‘MUSYNC’ from I-Inferno, ‘TARSYLIA TACTICS’ from Taplion Games, ‘KOI-Journey of Purity’ and ‘Caroline’s Working’ from SoulGame. Now here comes the interview with the producer of ‘MUSYNC’, Zhang Qiuchi (I-Inferno).


How Do You Feel Being Recommended By Apple? Zhang Qiuchi Gives His Answer

‘MUSYNC’ is released on 7th, July this year, and it is recommended by Apple immediately and is third in line of new game list. I-Inferno writes at his Weibo “Being recommended by Apple this week!!! Apple offers his hand to me!!!”. Of course, if I-Inferno can foresee that his game will keep on the list for 10 weeks in a row, maybe he won’t be surprised like this at that time. But as a cool man, I think when you ask him “how do you feel being recommended by Apple’, he would answer with “good”.


Zhang Qiuchi, an independent and cool man

Released on 7th July, music game ‘MUSYNC’ developed by an independent group is recommended by App Store for 10 weeks in a row and still win a place among the Top Paid.

The popularity and influence make a lot of investors want to cooperate with him and some music community want ‘MUSYNC’ as well. Surprisingly, Zhang rejects all the invitations and offers. He says “I don’t need investment. We two feel free to work as a team.”

Zhang loves everything in life expect working in an office like white-collar workers: photography, cosplay, model cars, and knapsacking. Developing a game is the dream for Zhang, as an inexperienced producer. After resigning from RENREN Games, he decides to be a free gamer. Zhang says at the salon that he doesn’t really understand the concept of success and he doesn’t care what he wins and what he losses. “Maybe I’m an ant compared to those game giants, but I won’t be beaten easily,” says Zhang.


Two men and hundreds of men

In October 2013, Zhang met Wei Xing, a programmer born in 1992 and began their game developing. They work in Zhang’s bedroom. And the compere at salon cracks a joke that “when you see Zhang, you see the half of the whole company staff”.

How Do You Feel Being Recommended By Apple? Zhang Qiuchi Gives His Answer

We can tell from ‘MUSYNC’ that this game can’t be produced only by two men. Zhang outsources or hires people provisionally to complete the game, about 60 people in total. Some of them are famous art designers, but most of them are students. It’s kind of like crowdfunding.

Zhang thinks that there is special need for music games in the market. Compared to other games, music games requires more, so many large producers don’t pay much attention on their music games. That’s why it’s hard to find a good music game and why ‘MUSYNC’ stands out.



Two versions

‘MUSYNC’ is first released on PSM platform instead of mobile phones. Besides Zhang’s love for console, he wants to avoid the fierce competition in mobile market. iOS version is redesigned on the basis of PSM version. And mobile version takes touch-based input, in order to be consistent with mobile devices’ features.


How Do You Feel Being Recommended By Apple? Zhang Qiuchi Gives His Answer


Now monthly updates occupy almost all the time of this two-men team. As for new games, Zhang thinks it’s hard to predict, but he hopes that people can support their new work because of MUSYNC’s high quality.

Zhang’s aloofness impresses people at salon a lot. His insistence on games really teaches us a lesson.